What are the benefits of using an Enzyme during your facial?

skin care

Aesthetician’s use enzymes because skin conditions usually begin because of impaired enzyme activity within the skin structure.  We typically use enzymes during a facial to increase the exfoliation process in order to treat a wide variety of conditions.  For example, we treat acne, excess keratinization, psoriasis or eczema to name a few.  A topical enzyme helps to break down old fibers in the skin to make way for new ones to be synthesized.  If there is no enzymatic activity, then we would see a build up of dead cells and old fibers to the skin.  It also helps keep college and elastin in check to prevent them from dead cells building up.

Ways to get natural enzymes are through your diet.  Raw fruits and vegetables are alkalizing, decoding and full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  Also adding natural, whole foods to a diet will aid in more enzymatic action.  Foods that have been processed (like lunch meats for example) hinder the necessary nutrients needed for the body.  Also consider sprouted breads and pastas, organic foods and adding supplements to your diet like omega 3 and 6’s.

(Adapted from Skin Scripts)